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Unity project template to get 2D online multiplayer games up and running quickly, with the full server stack included so you can host anywhere you want.

If you've attempted to make your own netcode and found it daunting or frustrating, ran into jitter, looked at other solutions and found them expensive then this project is here to help!

Out of the box features we got:

  • Client side prediction
  • Deterministic 2D physics and Cross Platform Play
  • Entity interpolation
  • Ghost manager
  • Client-server model with master server
  • Client Hot Joining
  • NAT punchthrough
  • Linux compilation ready
  • Plus a working example with PVP and PVE baked in

The project is setup so that you import a Unity package which then sets up the full project template with sample gameplay and all. Its server deployable from the get go! 

You can host servers, run clients, list games on a master server and run gameplay across the network from this initial import and that throws you straight into the seat for developing your own content. 

You own the full stack, so that means you can host your server anywhere you want. Its also setup so a server can be a player too if you like, meaning your players will run their own servers saving you hosting fees in the long run.

Check the full Features List here 

Find the Documentation here

Play the live running sample here

If you are wondering what skill requirements are needed to work with this template, you need some Unity 2D practice and moderate experience with writing your own C# components. For Determinism, its worth noting this project has its own 2d physics and does not work with the default Unity physics.


By purchasing, you agree that you may not resell or redistribute the source code in any way. The compiled product can be used commercially in any game or software. Characters and art assets in the sample belong to Matthew Carr and should be removed from any completed projects you release.

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AuthorMatt Carr
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Buy Now$1.00 AUD or more

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