Adventure Boy explores the fun nostalgia of the classic GameBoy handheld. Play as Dirk as you dodge roll and battle in this story driven RPG. The world is breaking apart and it needs your help!

Play right in the browser or grab a copy of the ROM so you can emulate it to your hearts desire.

This game was built for GBJam 8, so follow the link for more entries :D

Web Controls

Z - confirm/talk to stuff (A button on GameBoy)

X - Dodge roll/cancel (B button on GameBoy)

Enter - Start button


Adventure Boy GB 57 kB
Adventure Boy 1.1 GB rom (post jam bug fixes).zip 58 kB

Install instructions

Unzip this badboy and open in a Game Boy emulator of your choice. 


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I rolled past the dog and got stuck

Fixing now ><

awesome sauce

I'll update the webplayer after the jam voting is over, but the rom now has the fixes (to the best of my ability, as some collision issues are engine deep so I had to make work arounds)