A run and gun platformer with roguelite elements. Explore the factory at random and find permanent upgrades to help you progress to the final boss!


Someone has stolen the Captains pot plant and taken over the factory! Are you the right Cyborg to save the day? Shoot and slash your way through enemies, wall jump and wall slide around obstacles and save NPCs to boost your next run into the factory.



Z - confirm/jump/wall jump

X - Cancel/shoot/slash

Enter - Pause menu

Shift - Change weapons (gun <--> sword)


A- confirm/jump/wall jump

B - Cancel/shoot/slash

START - Pause menu

SELECT - Change weapons (gun <--> sword)

A GBJam 10 Entry!

If you beat the game, comment below :D


Green Wifi.gb 512 kB

Install instructions

Run the rom in your favourite GameBoy emulator :D

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